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Nowadays, most entrepreneurs are very familiar with the importance of Public Performance Copyright. Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Schools, Entertainment Venues, Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, Fitness, Outdoor Cinema, Buses, Boats are distributed movies and music via their channels, even if they are legally purchased physical products (DVD/BD/UHD), downloaded from Satellite Disc, Viewing from Free TV channels or purchased from Applications, the entrepreneur also needs a copyright to distribute it to be legal. Exactly the same principle as copyright for publishing music in which the entrepreneur has to pay to legalize.

Copyright Insure is the first company which licensed the rights to collect distributing fees for movies from many Hollywood mainstream and acquisition studios, including Films, TV Series, Documentaries, News Programs and TV Programs.

Even the unfavorable conditions due to COVID- 19 and the economic stagnation that we are experiencing, with the fact that entrepreneurs should share part of their income to the creators for using their workmanship, the collection fee has to be continued with the affordable price.

The company will contact all of our customers in due course but specially for the first 1,000 customers who engage to us by themselves, will be receiving a special discount of up to 80% of yearly subscription. Apply now. The price will go up in the next year.

Legal, Risk-free and Affordable! Copyright Insure is ready to serve!

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Application field

  • Hotel, Resort, Apartment
  • Hospital, Clinic
  • Outdoor Cinema, Mobile Cinema
  • Academic, School, College, University
  • Government Office, Penal Institution, Camp, Fort
  • Retail Shop, Restaurant, Cafe, Fitness Center
  • Transportation: Train, Bus, Coach, Boat

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